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Captain Grady App's for iPad or iPad Mini

This exclusive Grady-White app tells you how everything aboard works, instantly!


Captain Grady has all the answers, all the time and with a new Grady-White he’s available right at your side to provide information and video demonstrations about almost anything you need to know in order to enjoy safe and happy operation specific to your new Grady-White!

That means confidence you can count on! Captain Grady is the most comprehensive and detailed boat information tool for owners in the marine industry today. The Captain Grady application is available for all new Grady-Whites.

To take a look, first visit your dealer for much more information and a demo of this great tool. Then visit the Apple App Store on your iPad or iPad Mini to download the app and register with your Grady-White registered hull identification number. There is nobody like Captain Grady!


Meet Captain Grady Video
Using the Captain Grady App
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