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Brand New Model 425hpV8 Offshore XTO from

Yamaha!  The first Direct fuel injection outboard with built in electronic steering and many new features!

Yamaha-Revs-Your-Heart-Black copy websit

Better economy, incredible extra performance,

over 150% more thrust at the propeller, Direct Fuel injection, much bigger propeller than previous V8 with Exhaust bypass enabling clean 300% extra thrust going astern.

No need to lift the boat & engines out for engine & gearbox servicing, this can now all be done in the water due to new oil removal system.

Fabulous new look with multi section engine cowling and over 7% more engine tilt to keep leg clear of the water at rest.

Combined with the amazing Yamaha Helm Master

joystick control system and new larger CL7 Command Link display make this new engine the best you can ever wish for!!

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